Gladwyne Civic Association

President’s Message


Dear Residents of Gladwyne:

It is an honor to be President of the Gladwyne Civic Association and I would like to thank our Directors for giving me the opportunity to serve this association as many Presidents have before me.

Over the years, the Gladwyne Civic has taken appropriate action on many issues involving our community. Our Civic Directors carefully study, discuss, and take appropriate action to influence public policy for Gladwyne and our broader Township.

Your annual dues help us preserve our traditions and the unique, small town, residential feel and quality of life in Gladwyne. Our Civic sponsors the Memorial Day Parade, Gladwyne Cleanup Day, and the Christmas Tree and Menorah Lighting Ceremony every year.

I encourage all residents to become involved by doing any or all of the following:

  1. Please become a member. As a member, you will receive our Civic Newsletter for local news.
  2. Give us your e-mail address to be contacted for Community Alerts.
  3. Come to a Civic meeting and bring a neighbor.
  4. Volunteer on one of our committees by contacting us through this website.
  5. Contact the Gladwyne Civic with any issues you have.
  6. Visit this site often to see what is happening in your community!

Thank you,

John Appleby and Karen Aydt
Co-Presidents, GCA