About Gladwyne Civic Association


Gladwyne Civic Association’s ALL VOLUNTEER committees regularly undertake community initiatives, remaining vigilant about matters that impact all residents. Residents are encouraged to join the Association and participate in various committee activities. To become a member of any committee, please use our contact form.

Federation of Civics
  1. Keeps informed of events and concerns of all local civic associations.
  2. Keeps informed of township zoning/building/issues that has to do with Gladwyne.
  3. Gives updates to the GCA monthly.
Gladwyne Clean-Up
  1. Organizes volunteers for massive annual community cleanup.
Residential Membership
  1. Encourages residents to renew their membership.
  2. Expand our current membership.
Memorial Day Parade
  1. Organizes volunteers and participants marching or riding in the parade.
Public Relations
  1. Newsletter Mailing- Creates and mails/emails a newsletter to the local community in the fall, winter and spring filled with local happenings, articles and photographs.
  2. Keeps Webpage updated.
  3. Distributes posters/sign of upcoming Association meetings and local events.
  4. Liaisons with the Mainline Times.
  5. Engages people of interest to be guest speakers at meetings two/three times a year. Locates possible new locations for Civic meetings.
Legal team
  1. Informally advises or helps the Civic with legal information or questions.
Nomination Committee
  1. Head of the nomination committee. Chooses 4 directors to be on committee.
  2. Scouts out new directors with committee.
  3. Works on getting current directors to participate and attend GCA meetings.
Traffic Safety/Community Watch/Signage
  1. Addresses local safety concerns.
  2. Works on Community Watch program.
  3. Sidewalk program.

Historical Preservation Committee

  1. Keeps track of teardowns in Civic area.
  2. Liaisons with the Historical Society and Lower Merion Conservancy in regard to historical

           structure watch list in our Civic area.

      3.  Keeps Civic informated of historic structures in our area that may be in danger of being torn down.

Zoning and Community Preservation Committee

  1. Keeps track of any Zoning changes that would affect our Civic area.
  2. Works with Developers on projects within the Civic area.
  1. Helps to coordinate social events and meeting places for Civic Association.
  2. Coordinates Annual meeting.
  3. Orders any plaques/honors for Association.
  4. Receives a yearly budget for food/drink/accolades for our events.
Landscape Committee
  1. Working to enhance the Village.
  2. Works with Landscapers on programs to enhance areas of Gladwyne.
  3. Working on four-way stop at Righters Mill Rd and Youngsford Rd realignment.

Business Liaison and Membership

  1. Interfaces with our local merchants.
  2. Works with any issues concerning businesses and community.
  3. Educates businesses about our business membership program.
Deer Committee
  1. Interfaces with LM Twp. on Deer Program.
  2. Gives updates at GCA meeting on status of Program.
School District Liaison Committee
  1. Keeps the Civic informed of School Board and School District news.
  2. Recruits speakers.
Township Liaison Committee
  1. Keeps the Civic informed of Township Capital Improvement projects, taxes, and spending.
  2. Recruits speakers.
Gladwyne Civic Finance Committee
  1. Suggestions for expenditures of Civic funds are submitted to this committee. Determines if it fits within spending guidelines.