Off Leash Dog Parks become a permanent program in the township


This program is available to Lower Merion and Narberth residents who purchase off-leash permits for their dogs. The permits enable the residents to exercise their dogs off-leash in West Mill Creek Park or Rolling Hill Park...

  • On designated trails in Rolling Hill Park from Dawn until dusk
  • Weekdays/weekends in West Mill Creek Park from Dawn until Dusk

Rolling Hill’s fenced area enables dogs (with the permits) to be off-leash, but in an enclosed area, from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week.

Rules of conduct are posted at the parks.

Please see the township’s website for the application requirements at

PLEASE use common sense when walking with your unleashed dog, have your dog under control at all times.

The township is considering another fenced off-leash area in the eastern part of Lower Merion, linked to the Cynwyd Heritage Trail.