Current Applications/Zoning/Demolition permits in Gladwyne Civic Area

8-22-13 1716 Martins Lane ~ R&ECP#3106 ~ TEARDOWN REBUILD


8-13-13 1240 Wendover Ave ~ MGP#3088 ~ DEMOLITION OF SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING

8-11-13 1112 W Lancaster Ave ~MGP#3102 ~ DEMOLITION OF BUILDINGS

8-1-13 1115 Barberry Rd ~MGP#3100~ DEMOLISH SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING



7-25-13 310-324 Righters Mill Rd ~ #3700C ~ On 7-30-13 CONDITIONAL USE HEARING FOR ODDFELLOWS AND METHODIST CHURCH.  Addtional hearings on 7-31-13 and 8-13-13.  TOWNSHIP BUILDING IN ARDMORE.

6-13-13 ~204 Wynne Lane ~ r&ecp#3072 ~ teardown/rebuild single family dwelling.



1-17-13 ~ 276 Glenmoor Rd ~ MGP#3041 ~ DEMOLITION SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING.

11-28-12 ~ 1200/1210 Gladwyne Drive ~ R&ECP#2985 AND #2986 ~ teardown and rebuild

4-12-12 ~ 115 Maplehill Rd ~ MGP#2956 ~ DEMOLITION SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING

2-15-12 292 River Road ~ Zoning application, Theresa Keider and Scott Adams 484-614-1160.  Seeking relief to raise the roof of a semi-detached garage and install a deck and set of staris within floodway fringe of the Schuylkill River.  Hearing session scheduled for 3-15-12 at the township building.   Call Michael Wylie for further questions:  610-645-6172.

2-4-12 1862 Aloha Lane ~ New single family home application

12-8-11  ~ 328A ~ 225 Maplehill Road ~ proposing a redelineation of the preservation area located on the property of 225 Maplehill Rd has been submitted to the township.  Proposes a 2,274 square foot decrease of the preservation area to the east of the existing home in order to provide pedestrian access and facilitate stormwater management and remediation of erosion and a 2,274 sq ft increase of preservation area to the north of the home.  Contact Jillian Dierks for questions:  610-645-6119

8-9-11 440 Conshohocken St. Road ~ proposed subdivision:
Architectural Prints
Landscape Plan
RKW Engineering - Record Plan
Land Development Committee meeting minutes, 8-5-11

8-8-11 MGP#2903 ~ 1316 Monk Road ~ Demolition Single Family Dwelling (Class 2 Historic)

6-21-11 208 River Road, Gladwyne ~ A zoning application has been submitted seeking approval to construct two 56 sq. ft. one story rear addititions and a 120 sq ft rear deck and stair assembly all within the floodway fringe of the Schuylkill River. Owners/applicants:  610-543-8870 or contact Michael Wylie, zoning officer: 610-645-6172.

6-19-11 MGP#2914 - 307 Wynne Lane ~ Demolition Single Family Dwelling -call Alex Ciccotelli for questions at 610-422-7065.

6-17-11 R&ECP#2911 15 E Spring Avenue - teardown SFD-rebuild garage ~ Contact Joseph Newby LMT 610-645-6121 for questions.

6-1-11 MGP#2870 1000 Old Gulph Road - Demolition SFD Contact Joseph Newby LMT 610-645-6121 for questions.

5-17-11 MGP#2903 ~ 1316 Monk Road Class 2 historic home to be demolished ~ James Tornetta 610-649-1930 for questions.

5-5-11 R&ECP#2877 1035 Waverly Road ~ Teardown/rebuild Contact Joseph Newby LMT 610-645-6121 for questions.

5-3-11 MGP#2888 243 Stacey Road ~ Demolition of Single Family dwelling ~ Contact Joseph Newby LMT 610-645-6121 for questions.

4-19-11 ~ 634 Broadacres Rd ~ Teardown Contact Joseph Newby LMT 610-645-6121 for questions

2-25-2011 Cunningham property ~ submitted subdivision on Clubhouse Road in Gladwyne.
Cunningham subdivision-Clubhouse Road Gladwyne. Call Bob Duncan for questions: 610-645-6164.

2-28-2011 233 Righters Mill Road ~ runoff permit application/R&ECP#2884-teardown/rebuild call Peter Zilper for questions 215-519-6306 (this includes a sanitary sewer extension from margo lane).

2-25-2011 225 Righters Mill Road MGP#2485 ~ Demolition permit with Gabel-Martin Homes 610-688-8120.


11-1-2010 Owners and Applicants:  David and Brooke Rounick 804 Brookwood La, Constance Clery 802 Brookwood La, Robert and Janet Young 806 Brookwood La

Zoning Applications has been submitted seeking approval to grade within the floodplain in order to infill a manmade pond and reclaim a stream channel.  The pond in on the 804 Brookwood Lane property.  Also, some minimal grading is proposed across portions of 802 and 806 Brookwood Lane.

Contact:  Matthew Gilbert ESQ 610-527-9100 Attorney for Applicants for questions.

11-1-10 R&ECP#2858 ~ Teardown/rebuild.  919 Lafayette Rd

call for questions:  610-687-8215

10-6-2010 ~ 827 Black Rock Road ~ Gladwyne

R&ECP#2849 - teardown/rebuild

Pohlig Builders LLC

call for questions:  610-647-4700

9-29-2010 ~ 321 Clairemont Road ~ Gladwyne

R&ECP#2845 - teardown/rebuild

call for questions:  610-687-8215

9-13-2010 ~ 1107 Brynlawn Road ~ Gladwyne

MGP#2827 - Demolition of SFD

Zoning Hearing Board’s most recent decision for Philadelphia Country Club



Philadelphia Country Club
: Applicant - Appellant
: 1601 Spring Mill Road
: Gladwyne, PA 19035


Philadelphia Country Club (the “Applicant”) owns the property at 1601 Spring Mill Road in Gladwyne. The 302-acre property is split-zoned: the western end of the site is zoned R A Residence and the balance of the site is zoned R AA Residence. The property has been developed as a private country club consisting of a 27-hole golf course, clubhouse and other ancillary uses including a swimming pool, pool house, tennis courts, squash courts, bowling alleys and a shooting range.

Since 1956, the Board has on seven occasions granted the Applicant special exceptions to construct certain additions and improvements to the Club’s facilities. [See Zoning Officer’s Memorandum] Most recently, the Board granted a special exception in 2005 to allow the Applicant to construct an addition to the squash court building, install two new paddle tennis courts, erect safety netting on the driving range, and reconfigure the parking lots. The Board also granted a variance to allow the installation of parking spaces within the front yard setback. Philadelphia Country Club Appeal, No. 4016 (December 15, 2005) (the “2005 Opinion”).

The Applicant has now returned to the Board seeking a special exception to construct several new structures (described in more detail below) and to reconfigure the driveways and parking areas, all on the south side of the property near Lafayette Road. [See Exhibit A-1, Overall Site Plan] The Board held a hearing on the application on March 26, 2009. At the conclusion of the hearing the Board agreed with the Applicant to hold the record open solely for the purpose of allowing the Applicant to submit detailed information on the square footages of the existing and proposed structures to enable the Board to make written findings in that regard. The Applicant submitted the square footage information in an exhibit dated May 15, 2009 (the “May 15 Exhibit”). The Applicant then granted an extension to June 12, 2009 for the Board to issue its written decision.

For the reasons that follow, the Board grants the requested relief. Section 11 S(1)(a) of the Lower Merion Zoning Ordinance allows a “club or lodge” to be located only in existing structures in residential districts by special exception. Code §155-11 S(1)(a). Such a use can expand only by special exception. Code §155-11 X. In addition, with the adoption of Ordinance No. 3491 in 1998, the Zoning Ordinance now limits the total amount of square footage of an expansion to a club or lodge.

The Applicant in this matter proposes a number of improvements to the existing club facilities. First, the existing one-story maintenance building will be replaced with a two-story building and will be connected to the existing historical barn. The new building will be used for storage (first floor) and offices (second floor). [Exhibit A-3, Proposed Layout] The historical barn will be renovated and restored. The Applicant also proposes to construct a new accessory building to be used for storing chemicals, an activity that is currently done in the barn. [Id.] Portions of the existing driveways leading into the property from Lafayette Road will be removed and slightly reconfigured. A lined gravel parking area will be installed immediately south of the chemical building where there is presently a combined asphalt/gravel parking area. [Compare Exhibit A-2, Existing Conditions Plan, and Exhibit A-3, Proposed Layout]

The Board finds that these proposed uses of the buildings and grounds are part of the use of the property as a club and are, therefore, permitted by special exception.

A special exception in a zoning ordinance is not really an “exception.” It is a use permitted where the conditions detailed in the Zoning Ordinance are found by the Board to exist. Kotzin v. Plymouth Township Zoning Board of Adjustment, 395 Pa. 125, 127-128, 149 A.2d 116, 118 (1959). Once an applicant satisfies its burden of proving that the proposed use meets the specific objective criteria under the zoning ordinance, a presumption arises that the use is consistent with the public health, safety and welfare. East Manchester Township Zoning Hearing Board v. Dallmeyer, 147 Pa. Cmwlth. 671, 609 A.2d 604 (1992). The burden then shifts to any objectors to present evidence of a high degree of probability that the use will substantially affect the health, safety and welfare of the community. Id.; Accelerated Enterprises, Inc. v. The Hazle Township Zoning Hearing Board, 773 A.2d 824 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2001). There were no objectors in this case.

While there is no question that the uses proposed for the new structures are part of a club that is permitted (and permitted to expand) by special exception, the more significant issue involves the interpretation and application of the 50% limitation on expansion set forth in Section 11 S(1). That section provides that if any portion of a building is used for (in this instance) club purposes:

[…] a building addition to such structure or a building accessory thereto is permitted provided that the floor area square footage added for such use comprises no more than 50% of the floor area of the existing structure measured on all floors at or above ground level and does not exceed 50% of the building area of the existing structure as of the date the building was first occupied for such use, or 50% of the floor area dedicated to such use, whichever is less

Code §155-11 S(1).

After carefully analyzing Section 11 S(1) and reviewing the Applicant’s calculations, the Board makes the following findings and conclusions.

Section 11 S(1) contains two limits on expansions of a club. The first is that the area of the added uses must comprise no more than 50% of the floor area of the “existing structure.” The second is stated in the alternative: the area of the added use must not exceed the lesser of: (1) 50% of the building area of the existing structure as of the date the building was first occupied for the use, or (2) 50% of the floor area dedicated to such use.

The Board interprets the first limitation to mean that the structure must have been in existence on June 17, 1998—the date that the limitation was adopted—to have its floor area counted for purposes of measuring the permitted 50% expansion. Any other interpretation would allow clubs in new buildings as long as the application for the use was made after the building was constructed. The Board’s interpretation is also supported by the title paragraph of Ordinance No. 3491, which enacted the 50% limitation in 1998. That paragraph states, in relevant part:

AN ORDINANCE to amend the [Zoning Ordinance] to … permit by special exception in a presently existing structure only, in all Residential Zoning Districts, the establishment and maintenance of a club …[.]

Lower Merion Ordinance No. 3491, adopted June 17, 1998.

This plain language of the adopting ordinance states that the structure must be “presently” (i.e., on June 17, 1998) existing in order to house a club or lodge.

The Board also finds that, in addition to having to exist on June 17, 1998, the structure(s) to which an applicant seeks to extend a club use must be in existence at the time of the proposed expansion. In other words, buildings that existed on June 17, 1998 but no longer exist are not to be included in the “existing building” square footage. There are several reasons for this.

First, the language of the Section as a whole supports the Board’s interpretation. The second sentence of Section 11 S(1) contains the predicate for allowing expansions. It states: “If any portion of an existing structure is used for such purposes… [.]” The right to expand, then, depends on a qualifying use being presently made of the structure. If the structure no longer exists, neither does the predicate for expansion.

Second, Section 4 A of the Zoning Ordinance provides that, as used in the Ordinance, the present tense includes the future. Code §155-4 A. Inserting that into Section 11 S(1) leads to the conclusion that the building used for club purposes must be “existing” in 1998 and must exist at the time of the proposed expansion.

Third, this interpretation is consistent with one of the intended purposes of Section 11 S(1)—to allow a variety of uses to be made of older, existing structures in residential districts as an incentive to preserve those structures. That intent would be defeated by an interpretation of Section 11 S(1) (as proposed by the Applicant) that would allow a landowner to demolish an existing structure, then count the square footage of that structure in the calculation of allowable expansions. Such an interpretation could provide an incentive to demolish older structures, not to renovate or rehabilitate them. Indeed, taken to its logical conclusion, the Applicant’s interpretation of Section 11 S(1) allows a landowner to demolish all existing club structures and replace them with new buildings. That would eviscerate the explicit language enacted by the Board of Commissioners limiting club uses to “existing” structures.

In sum, the Board interprets Section 11 S(1) to mean that, once a structure used for club purposes no longer exists, a new building cannot be erected in its place for use as a club, nor can its floor area be counted for purposes of the 50% expansion. The only circumstance in which new structures can be added to a club where some structures have been demolished is where (as in this matter) there remain other structures that continue to be used for club purposes.

Applying this interpretation to the facts identified in the Applicant’s May 15 Exhibit, the Board finds as follows.

The floor area of the structures used for club purposes in 1998 was 107,335 square feet. Since that time, the Applicant has eliminated the following buildings and floor areas: (1) in 1999, the original Summer house (3,577 square feet of floor area) was demolished, and (2) in 2007, the Beaver House and Gate House (7,563 square feet of floor area) were demolished. Thus, the total floor area that existed in 1998 and that still exists today is 96,195 square feet.

However, the Applicant also proposes to remove the maintenance storage building and a portion of the maintenance barn before erecting a new maintenance building and connection. Those areas will not be “existing” when the expanded areas are constructed. Consequently, the floor area of those eliminated structures (5,323 square feet) must also be deducted from the “existing” calculation, leaving a balance of 90,872 square feet of floor area that existed on June 17, 1998 and will exist when the club expands. The Applicant is, therefore, limited to an expanded area of 45,436 square feet (50% of 90,872).

Following the adoption of the 1998 limitation on expansion, the Applicant constructed a number of additions that must now be counted against the allowable total. In 1999, the Applicant added 611 square feet (305.5 on each floor of the McNulty House). In 2001, the Applicant added 12,761 square feet (a total of 9,804 on the 3 floors of the Clubhouse and 2,957 added to the first floor of the Summer House). In 2008, the Applicant added 5,411.5 square feet to the squash building. The total of these additions since 1998 is 18,783.5 square feet.

In its present application, the Applicant proposes to add a total of 12,628 square feet in the new maintenance storage building, and to construct an accessory chemical storage building with 1,835 square feet, a total of 14,463 in expanded floor area devoted to club use. Those additions would bring the total square footage of expanded club area since 1998 to 33,246.5, well within the allowable 45,436.

As noted above, there is a second limitation on expansion of club uses stated (in the alternative) in Section 11 S(1): the expanded area must not exceed the lesser of (1) 50% of the building area of the existing structures as of the date the buildings were first occupied for club use, or (2) 50% of the floor area dedicated to such use. Again, for the reasons set forth above, the Board finds that the building area of “existing structures” refers to buildings that existed on June 17, 1998 and exist at the time of the proposed expansion. The date for measuring the actual square footage, though, is not 1998 but is the date the buildings were first occupied for club use. The Applicant’s May 15 Exhibit indicates that the total building area (at the time they were first occupied) for buildings existing on June 17, 1998 and to exist at the time of the proposed expansion is as follows:

Building Year First Occupied Building Area (in s.f.)
Clubhouse 1956 28,218
Squash Building 1956 7,944
Shooting Lodge 1968 1,364
Cart Storage 1972 4,235.5
Sewage Treatment 1983 323
Halfway House 1972 577
Pump Station 1953 270
Centennial Restrooms 1996 154
McNulty House 1978 1216.5
Maintenance Barn 1926 3903.5
Maintenance Garage 1926 461
TOTAL   48,666.5

The allowable 50% expansion in building area is 24,333.25 square feet. Since 1998, there have been the following expansions in building area:

Building Year Expanded Building Area Expansion (in s.f.)
Clubhouse 2001 6,548
Squash Building 2008 2,373
Summer House (new) 2001 5,441
McNulty House 1999 315
TOTAL   14,677

The proposed expansion in building area in the present application is the combined building area of the new maintenance storage building and the new maintenance chemical building—8,565 square feet. The total of the past and proposed expansions in building area is 23,242 square feet—1,091.25 square feet below the 50% limitation.

The alternative limitation (50% of the floor area dedicated to the club use) computes to the same as that described on pp. 6-7 since the entire floor area of the relevant structures has been devoted to club use.

In sum, the proposed expansion meets the 50% limitation on expanded floor area and the 50% limitation on building area (which is the lesser of the alternative “not to exceed” limitations).

Given the Board’s interpretation of Section 11 S(1), we will condition the grant of relief on the Applicant’s maintaining sufficient floor area and building area to meet the 50% limitation on expansion. In other words, the removal of buildings in the future must not reduce the original 1998 square footage below a figure that would render the post-1998 additions violative of Section 11 S(1) as interpreted by the Board.


AND NOW, this 11th day of June, 2009, it is hereby ORDERED that the application of Philadelphia Country Club for a special exception under Code §§155-11 S(1) and 155-11 X to construct certain improvements to the club on the property at 1601 Spring Mill Road in Gladwyne is GRANTED. The relief is granted based on, and conditioned on adherence to the plans and testimony presented at the hearing as interpreted in the foregoing opinion. Relief is further conditioned on the Applicant’s maintaining sufficient square footage in the structures that existed as of June 17, 1998 to support all post-1998 expansions under Section 11 S(1).

Chairman Aaron and Member Fox participating, both voting “aye.” Member Brier did not participate in the hearing or decision. Alternate Member Baron-Baer participated in the hearing, but did not vote on the decision.

Attest: _________________________________
              Michael Wylie

Attachments (PDF)
Floor and Building Area Summary

The split-zoning has no bearing on the Board’s decision in this matter. For the sake of clarity, the Board notes that the floor area and building area exhibit is dated May 15, 2009, but was submitted via e-mail on May 18, 2009.

Zoning Hearing Board’s decision in Appeal No. 3550

View/download the PDF


Proposed Ordinance Amendment

View/download the PDF



Meeting on Monday, July 26th Building and Planning Committee ~ 7pm

324 Righters Mill Road ~ Odd Fellows Hall and Cemetery Subdivision ~ Preliminary subdivision plan and conditional use

A proposal for a four lot subdivision of the property at 324 Righters Mill Road. The existing building is a Class I historic resource and is poroposted to remain on the .35 acre lot and function as a two dwelling unit. Two .2 acre lots will be created on either side of the existing building and will be accessed via the existing cemetery loop driveway.  The cemetery will remain on a separate 2.1 acre rear lot for which Conditional Use approval is required.

7/18/10 ~ 1107 Brynllawn Road ~ New grading permit Application received today

MGP#2827 - Demolition of single family dwelling

Email Richard Corcoran for questions:

7/18/10 ~  1862 Aloha Lance Demolition permit application

Official demolition application to demolish home.  This is a CLASS TWO structure.  A ninety day delay period has been imposed.  This application will be reviewed by the HC at a special meeting in August or September and forwarded to the Building and Planning Committee and the Board of Commissioners for action in September.

Pelase contact the township for further information.

7/16/10 - 722 Conshohocken State Road, Ward 1 - new runoff permit application received

R&ECP#2828 - Teardown and rebuild

Call Matzi Builder and Developer for questions:  610-348-8900

3/5/2010 - 324 Righters Mill Road - Odd Fellows Hall & Cemetery Subdivision


A Preliminary Subdivision Plan, Application No. 3649, proposing a four lot subdivision of the property at 324 Righters Mill Road, has been submitted to the Department of Building and Planning. The existing building (a Class I historic resource) is proposed to remain on a .35 acre lot and function as a two unit dwelling. The existing garage is proposed to be demolished. Two, .2 acre lots will be created on either side of the existing building and will be accessed via the existing cemetery loop driveway. Both lots will contain a 1,700 square feet single family home with an attached garage. The cemetery will remain on a separate 2.1 acre lot. The applicant has also submitted a Conditional Use application to create the rear cemetery lot. Merion Hall and Cemetery Association is the owner of the property and Jeff Glassberg is the applicant.

A copy of this plan is attached to this e-mail and on file with the Department of Building and Planning, Planning Division. The application is tentatively scheduled for review by the Historical Architectural Review Board on April 7, 2010 and action by the Planning Commission on May 3, 2010. The Building and Planning Committee will hold a Conditional Use Public Hearing on May 12, 2010 at approximately 6:30 p.m. These dates are tentative and could change based on the complexity of the issues involved with the application.

Depending on your location you may be receiving notification of the subdivision in the mail as well. If you are receiving this e-mail you do not have to contact us to request additional information, as you have already been included in the e-mail distribution list for this land development application and will continue receiving information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Jillian Puleo
Planning Technician
Building & Planning Department
Lower Merion Township
75 E. Lancaster Ave.
Ardmore, PA 19003-2376
Phone: (610) 645-6119

1/19/10 - runoff permit issued~680 Williamson Road


TOWNSHIP FOR QUESTIONS 610-645-6121 Joe Newby

1/08/10 - 105 Maple Hill Road

The property owner has requested a preliminary opinion from Mike Wylie confirming that the existing lot At 105 Maple Hill Road is an existing buildable lot, even though it is smaller than the current zoning would permit.

The Preliminary Opinion provision was added to the PA Municipalities Planning Code toprovide a property owner to obtain an opinion from the Zoning Officer and allow the 30 appeal process to occur before going to the expense of fully engineering a plan. Under PA law we are only required toadvertise this opinion in the paper but it has been our policy to notify the ward Commissioner and the local Civic representative, and post the property when we issue a Preliminary Opinionso there is local community notice that this request has been submitted.

Any party that does not agree with this opinion has 30 days to file an appeal. If an appeal is not filed within the 30 day appeal period, the right to appeal this determination expires.

Call Mike Wylie for questions and written opinion: 610-645-6172

1/08/10 - runoff permit issued for 1911 Stone Ridge Lane Gladwyne

R&ECP#2758 - Teardown/rebuild

Joseph Newby 610-645-6121

11/23/09-Grading permit issued for 409 Caversham Rd. Gladwyne

MGP#2766 - Demolition SFD.

11/20/09-Application received for 100 Evans Lane - new runoff permit.

R7ECP#2693 - Teardown/rebuild pool and tennis court.

Information on 1636 & 1650 Spring Mill Road and 1125, 1135, & 1145 Gingko Lane (making up 11 acres) - these five lots are now owned by one person (Rubin). No plans have been submitted to Lower Merion Township.

11/8/09 - Application received for 680 Williamson Road - New runoff permit.

R&ECP#2767 - teardown and rebuild

Bob Miller - 215-641-9280

11/08/09 Application received for 409 Caversham Road - New grading permit.

MGP#2766 - Demolition SFD

Griffiths Construction - 610-827-7990

11-08-09 Application received for 1539 Lafayette Rd - new runoff permit.

R&ECP#2765 - teardown and rebuild

Nicholas Karamatsoukas - 610-642-0914

11/08/09 Application #3642 received for 115 and 105 Maple Hill Rd - proposing the transfer of 9154 square feet (.2 acres) from the property at 115 Maple Hill Rd to the property at 105 Maple Hill Rd has been submitted to the Department of Building and Planning. The purpose of the lot line change is to increase the currently non-conforming lot area of 105 Maple Hill Rd to meet the minumum lot area requirement in the RAA Residential Zoning District. Paul and Ella W. Miller are the owners of both properties and Fred Fromhold is the applicant.

Please contact Jillian Puleo from LMT for questions or concerns 610-645-6119.

11/08/09 Application received for 1500 Monk Rd - Grading Permit issued on 10-27-09.

MGP#2746 - Conservatory, greenhouse, gazebo.

Contact Joseph Newby LMT 610-645-6121

No meeting planned yet - Shipley School Fields 1225 Youngsford Rd. Gladwyne

PRELIMINARY LAND DEVELOPMENT PLAN - Application No. 3643, proposing the paving of an existing gravel and dirt parking area, the removal of an existing 360 square foot restroom/storage building and the construction of a new 630 square foot restroom/storage building at 1225 Youngs Ford Road, has been submitted to the Department of Building and Planning. The applicant is seeking a Waiver of Tentative Sketch Plan. The Shipley School is the owner of the property and Robert Lambert is the applicant.

Read attached letter (PDF)
View attached map (PDF)

11/11/09 - Planning Commission meeting at township building 7:05pm
PRELIMINARY LAND USE PLAN - 1601 Spring Mill Road, Philadelphia Country Club, Gladwyne, LD# 3631, Ward 2.

Proposal: The applicant, Janine Budzius, the General Manager of the Club, is seeking Preliminary Land Development Plan approval for the following:

  • Removal of an existing 5,171 square foot maintenance building and two 993 square foot trailers;
  • Construction of a two-story (12,628 square foot addition with a 6,598 square footprint to the existing Class 2 barn;
  • Renovation of the existing Class 2 barn; (Continued in attached letter below)

Read attached letter (PDF)

11/11/09 Planning Commission meeting at township building 7:05pm
CONDITIONAL USE APPLICATION - 1400 Mill Creek Road, Gladwyne, Barker’s Mill, LD/CU# 3634, Ward 2

Proposal: The applicant, 1400 Mill Creek Road Associates, L.P., is seeking to reconfirm a previously approved Conditional Use granted by the Board of Commissioners in September 2006 to convert the existing nonconforming, nonresidential Class 1 historic resources to multifamily use and to increase the building are of the site by up to 15%. Since the applicant did not record the final land development plan withing one year of the grant of the conditional use approval, both approvals expired and must be reconfirmed. A copy of the conditional decision is attached, which also includes a detailed project description.

Read attached letter (PDF)

APPEAL NO. 4178 - Armando and Minda Magundayao 308 River Road, Gladwyne, PA

The applicants seek a special exception under 155-160D to construct a two-story rear addtion within the floodway fringe of the Schuylkill River and to the extent required, they seek a variance from 155-114 D(2) to not install a buffer area. Zoning Hearing Board meeting will be held on Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 7:15pm for this Appeal.

1030 Mt. Pleasant Rd (La Ronda/Class 2 historic) - Grading Permit Application received. MGP#2717 - Demolition of existing structure.

ZONING HEARING BOARD - Applicant: Philadelphia Country Club c/o Janine Budzius

Notice is hereby given that the Zoning Hearing Board of Lower Merion Township will hold a meeting as required by Lower Merion Code Chapter 155, as amended and codified by Ordinance 1802, at the Township Building, 75 East Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, PA, on Thursday, March 26, 2009, at 7:15 p.m., at which time there will be a hearing on the following cases.

APPEAL NO. 4176 - Property: 1601 Spring Mill Road, Gladwyne, PA 19035
(Election District #2). R A Residence District

The Philadelphia Country Club seeks a special exception under §155-11(X) and §155-11 S (1) (a) to remove a maintenance building and two trailers near Lafayette Road and construct a one-story 1,967 sq. ft. chemical storage building, a two-story 6,598 sq. ft. maintenance/office building that would connect to the existing main maintenance building, a 3-bin material storage unit, and reconfigure parking and driveway areas. The Club also seeks to the extent required, any other approvals or variances necessary to allow the proposed improvements.

(1121 & 1125 Vaughans Lane) Beth David Reform Congregation

The plan proposes expansion of the existing buildings and construction of a parking lot. This application is tentatively scheduled to be heard by the Planning Commission on June 1st, 2009. The attached letter explains in detail the proposal and provides you with contact information for the applicant.

Read attached letter (PDF)

1345 Conshohocken State Road & 1325 Club House Rd — Inwood Farm [Scanned]
A Tentative Sketch Plan Application (3626) proposing a lot line change and six lot subdivision of the property. This application is tentatively scheduled to be heard by the Planning Commission on May 4th, 2009.

Read attached letter  (PDF)

229 Conshohocken State Rd - Preliminary Subdivision Plan. 2.02 acre parcel into 2 lots of 1.08 and .94 acres at 229 Conshochocken State Road. This application is tentatively scheduled to be heard by the Planning Commission on May 4th, 2009.

Read attached letter (PDF)